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Why Frozen or Cold Finger Food is So Convenient

Fresh and cold party food that is perfect for any event

When you’re working against the clock, frozen finger food can be a blessing for that upcoming function or special event. Nobody wants to slave over the stove while their guests are in the other room having fun and socialising – now you can get out there amongst them when you choose frozen finger food from Party Wizard.

Planning a party can be stressful, so organising fantastic quality yet cheap frozen party food to be delivered prior to your event is a great way to attend to the other important matters.

Fast delivery of cold finger food, ready for your function

More and more people are opting for frozen or cold finger food for their party or special event simply for the convenience it offers. No more traipsing down to the local supermarket at the last minute or relying on your guests to provide the food – all you need to do is call Party Wizard and browse through our comprehensive menu to order whatever you need. We’ll deliver it to wherever you are in Melbourne, and then you only need to heat it up before serving it to your hungry guests.

When you need fast and affordable frozen or cold finger food, call Party Wizard on 1300 556 070 to make a booking!

Food that Kids will Love for Their Birthday Parties

Children’s party food that is so good, they’ll eat everything on their plate!

Chances are, caviar on crackers or a nicoise salad just won’t do when it comes to kid’s birthday party food. By that same token, neither will lollies and chocolate. Lucky for you, Party Wizard offers kids party catering so you can focus more on your child’s happy moments rather than slaving away in the kitchen over a hot stove.

Our kid’s birthday party food is fun, tasty and affordable –guests of all ages will be impressed by our choice of recipes. Our delicious range includes mini pies, sausage rolls, mini pizzas, quiches, dim sims and much more! Catering to all tastes and dietary requirements, Party Wizard is there to feed you and your guests, on a budget.

Easy kid’s party food that will have you joining in the celebrations

Your child has a birthday once a year – make it extra memorable for them with quality kid’s party catering from Party Wizard. Whether you want cold or hot finger food platters, we’ll deliver it fresh at your door wherever you are in Melbourne.

Got a birthday coming up? Call us on 1300 556 070 to make a booking!

Great Catering Tips for a 21st Birthday Party

Make their event extra memorable with quality birthday party catering

Whether you’re hosting a birthday for 20 or 200 guests, birthday party catering ensures you’re free to enjoy all of the fun and excitement with the rest of the party people.

For a 21st especially, it is important that food is readily available on the premises as soon as the guests arrive. This is to offset the impact of alcohol that will inevitably flow at such an important event. Party Wizard has happily been in attendance at many social events, so here are our great catering tips for a 21st birthday party:

  • Ensure you have dietary requirements of all guests. There is nothing worse than only providing meat options when some of your guests are vegetarians.
  • Have a good mix of warm and cold finger food platters on rotation.
  • Make sure there is plenty of food available. Remember, it’s better to over-cater than under-cater. Any leftovers can be eaten the day after or can be given to guests as they leave.

Employing Party Wizard to provide birthday party catering will ensure the night will run smoothly and keep everyone happy. View our birthday party food menu online or call us on 1300 556 070 to book your catering with us!

Make your Next Function One to Remember with Quality Finger Food

The Melbourne finger food catering company you can count on

Ask just about anyone what they enjoyed most about a function – was it the music, or the decorations? How about the emcee of the night? Chances are, the majority of guests will say that the food was a highlight of the event. Don’t believe me? Next time you have an event, don’t provide food and see how many people will be quick to remember you event… for all the wrong reasons.

Underestimating the importance of having quality finger food at your function can be a major mistake, so when you need to cater to your guests, choose Party Wizard’s party platters.

Finger food platters to appease every appetite

With a huge range of dishes to satisfy even the most sensitive of tastebuds, Party Wizard provides quick and easy finger food at budget prices.

Whether you’re looking for cold or frozen party food, finger food desserts, or hot and delicious party platters, you can count on Party Wizard to take care of your catering needs. Wherever your function is in Melbourne, we are here to serve tasty finger food dishes for you and your guests.

Call Party Wizard today on 1300 556 070 for finger food that will make your next function one to remember.

Cheap Christmas Catering Melbourne

Find fast xmas finger food online at Party Wizard

Looking for quick Christmas catering in Melbourne Part Wizard is the best cheap Christmas catering service that delivers quality finger food directly to your door. If you’re planning a Christmas get together or office celebration, Party Wizard can supply hassle free xmas catering that is sure to satisfy.

If you’re looking for the best cheap xmas caterers in Melbourne, Party Wizard is your solution. Delivering a range of classic catering and finger food options, we are able to cater to any taste and dietary requirement.

Last minute Christmas caterers

Christmas sneaks up on us every year, so if you’ve got to organise a function at the last minute, don’t panic! Party Wizard has a range of last minute xmas catering solutions that are perfect for any budget. Delivering a range of hot or cold finger food options directly to your door, Party Wizard is the best hassle free Christmas catering service in Melbourne.

Enjoy your Christmas celebrations this year and choose the hassle free xmas finger food on offer from Party Wizard. Your guests and loved ones will appreciate the delicious food on offer when you opt for the Melbourne Christmas caterers from Party Wizard.

For the best cheap and hassle free Christmas catering in Melbourne, contact Party Wizard today.

Cheap Catering for your Melbourne Cup celebrations

Let Party Wizard take care of your catering needs this November 1

Spring is finally upon us, and so is Melbourne’s most favoured event of the year – The Melbourne Cup Carnival. If you have decided to celebrate this time-honoured race in the company of your friends at your residence, rather than be involved in the roaring crowd of punters down at the racecourse, Party Wizard has got you covered with cheap catering. Melbourne locals depend on us to deliver quality finger food that will suit everyone’s taste and preferences.

Cheap catering is a great way to satisfy all your guests with hot and cold plates, without blowing your budget. Don’t spend your time over the oven cooking ten separate dishes for your friends when you could be comfortably watching the race that stops a nation. Instead, enlist the services of Party Wizard, who are here to serve you tasty dishes for you and your guests.

Contact Party Wizard today on 1300 556 070 to book your budget catering for the Melbourne Cup.

First Birthday Parties with Party Wizard

Your child’s first birthday party can be extremely stressful, if you do not know what you need to do in order to make the day a success. Or, if this is your second time at organising your child’s birthday party, you will be aware of how much effort goes into preparing for this day. Food is the most important issue when it comes to a birthday party, so ensure you have a stress-free day by choosing the best party catering Melbourne locals rely on for a great range of quick and easy finger food.

Party Wizard provides great 1st birthday party food

Let Party Wizard work their magic on your little one’s 1st birthday with great 1st birthday party food guaranteed to satisfy children of all ages, even the fussiest of children. Our kid’s birthday party food is cheap and features a delicious range of party favourites that all guests will enjoy.

Contact Party Wizard today on 1300 556 070 to make your child’s special 1st birthday even more special, with budget catering from the experts. We also do baby shower catering for your kids baby showers.

Kid Friendly Resources

Check out these great resources and stores for all things baby before throwing or attending a first birthday party.

AFL Finals 2011 – Have your Party Catered by Party Wizard

Australians love our footy, and we also love our food. There’s no better way to combine the two by celebrating the AFL Finals for 2011 with party food catered by Party Wizard. We provide the best budget catering Melbourne locals depend on for delivering quality party food for less. Don’t waste time by cooking food when you could be socialising with your mates while watching the biggest game of the season. Our quick and easy finger foods are party favourites, and come in a delicious range of packages, perfect for multiples of 20 guests. Alternatively, you can build your own package and choose whatever you want to go inside it!

Cheap budget catering

You don’t have to break your budget when you are providing delicious finger food for your guests on AFL Final Day for 2011. Ordered frozen – but delivered hot and fresh – the team at Party Wizard are ready to work their magic to make sure your party kicks a goal!

Contact Party Wizard now on 1300 556 070 to put your party food order in today.